We are big believers in learning through play! While you enjoy your night out, let the little ones enjoy their night in! For $10 your sitter or nanny can make the night memorable with any of our themed Kid-Kits!

kid kits

 Each visit with a Kid-kit is $10, Pick from any of our themed kits below- Fun Pre-Teen Kits coming soon!

Mini-Minds: (packed with infant-toddler toys and sensory activities to promote learning through play for those who aren't quite ready for our other kits)

Kids in the Kitchen: Play chef with your sitter either using our Easy Bake Oven or your own kitchen! (we provide all ingredients, kid friendly recipes and of course the clean-up!)

Ahoy Pirates: Climb aboard matey! Create your own eye-patch and Pirate sword for a night filled with pirate games& crafts,  just don’t make your sitter walk the plank!

Little Picassos: Hours filled with multiple painting and craft activities, Your little artist(s) will get to keep a finished canvas to showcase to Mom & Dad.

Glow Fun: Amusing and 100% non-toxic for all ages, this kit includes building with sensory glow rice, make your own glow paint & glow soap (very fun in the bath) and other glowing experiments!

Gone-Fishin’: Your sitter will arrive with our Annie’s Nannies tackle box and take your little ones fishing to the nearest pond or dock. They will learn about SC wild-life, go bird watching, and even make nature related crafts!

Super Heroes! Become invincible (until bedtime) Create your own cape and mask for a night filled with super hero games, crafts and books!

Crazy Science: All ages will enjoy wacky experiments, like concocting flubber, exploding cloud soap, gloop & other fizzling recipes.

Pretty Princesses: Decorate your own tiara and wand for a day of royal activities and crafts. This kit is great for princesses of all ages!

Puzzling aMAZEment: Build your own robots, marble mazes, puzzles, obstacle courses etc. This really gets there mind going, focusing on problem solving while have a blast.

 Great Outdoors:  We will bring our outdoor water games for a hot day, endless games (Kick the Can, Night crawlers, etc),Bug Catchers, Butterfly nets, a few gardening activities and we can even add some of our ‘gone fishin’ equipment  to make for an eventful and unforgettable day outdoors with your sitter.

Spa-tacular: Enjoy a night of nail painting, kid friendly face masks, and make your own special hair ties/headbands and accessories with your sitter!

Green Gardeners: Whether you’re in a hotel or at your very own house, let our sitter bring the outdoors in. Your sitter will arrive with everything you need to start your own mini indoor green house. You also will explore the SC environment, plant life cycles, and make ‘green’ nature friendly crafts!