Who is Annie??

The most common question asked is “Who is Annie?”…


Annie Cross is my brave and inspirational mother- who undoubtedly gave me a storybook childhood. As a divorcee with three daughters, Annie was forced to join the ranks with other working class single parents. Throughout the years Annie educated herself and made way into many professions; Emergency Medical Technician, Jewelry Retail, Medical Supply Sales, & even started her own crafting business called Annie’s Attic. Everyone thinks their mom is Super-Mom, but my mom is more than that... she is an extraordinaire at everything! She has always seemed to emulate the perfect balance of feminine party hostess, selfless mother, and sharp, independent lady. Which I must say, is a lot to live up to.

Once I left for college, I was beyond confused about my future career path. I thought about the routes my parents had taken, and I realized the career my mom had eventually stuck with was the one she was always best at; caring for children. Annie continues to nanny, but it was her jack-of-all-trades personality and courageous outlook that came up with the idea for Annie’s Nannies.


How often do you hear of someone coming up with an idea for a business, financially backing that dream, and then just gifting it to someone else? Without her selfless demeanor and endless support I could not have turned her vision into a reality. Of all the people in my life, she is the one that has been there from day one. I’m proud to share with everyone that Annie is my remarkable, helpful, and forever-inspiring Mom. Thank you for everything and I love you Mom!